Wendy J. Salz, MFT

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Sigmund Freud introduced us to the Superego, Ego, and Id, and Eric Berne brought us the Parent, Adult and Child. What Freud showed us is that the human psyche is multifaceted and what we've since learned is that we each have different parts of our personalities that surface and affect our behavior and communication with others. Berne taught us how to look at these different parts of our personalities in terms of understanding which one is speaking or behaving at any given time and how that impacts the communication when we interact with others. When we communicate, we do so from one of our own ego states (Parent, Adult, Child) and our feelings determine which one is being used. The same happens when we respond to another person. In therapy, we can look at which part is in charge of any communication or behavior and how to adjust that so that transactions between people are complementary and thus productive rather than destructive.
Transactional Analysis
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