Wendy J. Salz, MFT

Marina Psychological Services, Inc.

4560 Admiralty Way, Suite 255, Marina Del Rey California, 90292

I work with adults who are dealing with the effects of ADD/ADHD and with parents of ADHD children. I understand the struggles of managing one's life with this condition and help clients to reframe the diagnosis in order to see the positive possibilities of living with this. What is helpful to many people is the work of Thom Hartmann in his book ADD: A Different Perception. In this book Hartmann reframes ADHD so it is not seen so much as a disorder but as an adaptation that evolved due to different environmental needs. In our society we need people who can perform all kinds of jobs and he refers back to the societies of the hunters and farmers. A hunter (ADD individual) would not typically be very good as an accountant but would probably do very well as a police officer or on the front lines in the military. See the chart taken from Thom Hartmann's book by clicking here. This is a summary of the characteristics of the person with ADHD interpreted in a new way. I understand the frustrations of dealing with a child who has ADHD and I know the impact it can have on the parents as individuals and as a couple. For this reason I can offer knowledge and support that is helpful to parents.
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